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Heartfelt Thank Yous

Dr. Wards saved my life, too. She is the 25th health practitioner I’ve seen in my life for many, many health problems and no one has been able to help me heal food allergies, fatigue, sleep issues, etc. For at least the past 20 years I’ve eaten only organic food, no toxic anything in my life, and exercise 5 days per week, so should be healthy as a horse. My first visit, she suspected a genetic defect and recommended lab work. It came back positive and the supplements have changed my life. No exaggeration, I had only felt good one day in my whole life before this and have now felt amazing for two weeks straight. Great energy level and positive outlook. She is a truly amazing health practitioner. 


Dr. Wards is a healer pure and simple. She listens to me and works with me. She doesn’t talk down to me and makes use of my ideas if they make sense. She tells you what she can and can’t do. She recommends other health practitioners if needed. She only gives you the medicine you actually needs. She works on the most important issues and remembers the less important ones later on.

She works in concert with my other health practitioners. She is always studying and learning new things to help her patients. She is willing to see me at 9:30am on patient days and occasionally on Saturdays. She calls and follows up and takes the time to actually talk to me. She understands my healthcare is my responsibility and she helps me handle the responsibility in a very responsible way.


Although I do not live in the state of Texas, I have been fortunate enough to have Dr. Wards agree to treat me long distance.   I have video calls with Dr. Wards just to make sure the regimen I am on is working to the max, and if not, Dr. Wards will make the necessary adjustments. On more than one occasion, I had to make a conference call or email Dr. Wards about unexpected symtoms and she was able to suggest an adjustment to the supplements that worked perfectly. I attribute her ability to treat patients long distance with such accuracy to her deep understanding and knowledge about the body and the supplements she is prescribing.

There isn’t any condition, physical or emotional that Dr. Wards couldn’t treat. She can even help ‘make babies’.

I am so grateful to have Dr. Wards as my consultant. ~Sandy

Dr. Wards improved my quality of life. My name is Kelly and I am so very thankful for the opportunity to learn about how to help my body and what my body specifically needed to improve my quality of life. Let me tell you about why I needed Dr. Wards and her program. I suffer from multiple auto-immune diseases and their symptoms. I was tired, cranky, and in pain. I didn’t sleep well, my hair was falling out and I was stressed beyond belief. Sound familiar? I had attributed a lot of it to getting older and that was just how life would be like as I aged. 

I tried on my own to figure out ways to feel better. I exercised regularly, ate fairly decent and tried to rest. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the answers or get relief. I ran across Dr. Wards’ ads on Instagram and wondered if she could help. But, that is all the further it went for a few weeks. However, I continued to see her posts and still wondered. I am a faithful women, so I prayed about it. I felt like I was being led to give her a call and just see if I were a good candidate for her program. My thoughts were “it didn’t hurt to ask.” So, I took the leap and called. Dr. Wards was so friendly and listened to my list of issues. She said she could help so I talked it over with my husband to see if I had his support. While the program seems costly, I felt that she could help me and it was worth the try.
I am so thankful that I said yes. The twelve week program taught me through modules with a weekly focus. Dr. Wards required blood work which helped to identify root causes to some of my issues. I had issues that my regular doctor never diagnosed. Through supplements, exercises (not physical), changes in my habits and my willingness to do exactly what she said, I feel so much better. My energy level skyrocketed. My pain levels decreased. I had no idea how much pain I had been experiencing until I was so pain free. I found a new way to deal with stress and changed my mind-set. I started my day in a positive way and ended it the same manner.
During the entire process, Dr. Wards was always available for questions or suggestions. I was never alone in the process. She was just a text away. All of the supplements, tests, modules and access to her were included in her fee. Quite honestly, when one looks at that, her program is a steal! I will be ever thankful to Dr. Wards and here program.
I will say, the program requires hard work, dedication and some sacrifice. If you are ready to do whatever it takes to feel better, you should take the plunge. You will not regret it.
-Kelly G, Pennsylvania 
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                                              TOLD SHE WILL NEVER HAVE KIDS.  SHE HAS 4!

Dr. Wards was a God send when I referred my mother to her. My mother was suffering from food allergies, autoimmune issues and candida. Because of Dr. Wards, she is fully recovered and living not just a healthy life but an optimally healthy life. Dr. Wards’ hands touch her patients with care and confidence.

                                        LINDSEY'S CASE ON GENETIC DEFECTS

Dr. Tenesha Wards, owner of Infinity Wellness Center in Austin, Texas and The Energy Recovery System Online Wellness Coaching Programs is a Holistic Doctor who concentrates on Women's hormone issues from pre/post Menopause to Infertility, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and Insomnia.  She believes in the importance of treating the whole person and not just the symptoms. 
Thousands of women found Dr. Wards after not seeing results with traditional practitioners, cookie cutter programs, or expensive supplements. Her holistic approach to wellness means she specializes in finding the core root cause to conditions like Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, and Headaches.   Drawing from her personal struggles with Lyme Disease, Autoimmunity, and Epstein Barr Virus  is where she finds the fuel to pursue her passion - Helping people Heal.

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